The custom software platform is shown as an organized app libary and how it would look on a smartphone.

Organize Your Business Functions as Web Apps

Rethink how your business functions are organized by using Volute's unique web app library design.

  • Turn your business functions and systems into web apps accessible from any desktop or mobile device
  • Organize all business functions and departments in one place
  • Eliminate silos and integrate departments and people
  • Authenticate with all your systems at once with single sign-on

See Your Data
in 3 Dimensions

Interact with your data, in ways never before possible, using Volute's™ 3D widget concept. A widget is Volute's™ unique way of representing data on any computer or mobile device.

  • Widgets are mobile, shareable, and can work offline
  • Widgets display and receive real-time data
  • Widgets can be rotated to see unique views of data, saving time and space
  • Widgets can be arranged on your own custom dashboards
A Volute widget is represented by a white 3D cube, on which a report's bar graph is shown on one face and a gage is shown on the other.
Anyone, such as the female staff member, vendor, and customer show using different devices in three bubbles surrouding the word Volute, can use the custom software platform.

Build a Single Application for Staff, Vendors & Customers

You no longer need to build multiple applications to accommodate the many roles users of your business software have.

  • Employees can use Volute™ to perform all daily job functions
  • Vendors can use Volute™ to interact with operations
  • Customers can use Volute™ to interact with your business in new ways

Discover How Volute™ Benefits You

Don't see your industry? You can use Volute™ too!

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