Customizable Software with Revolutionary Pre-Built Features

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What is eVolutionSM

If you have a software project on your agenda, you must request a demo for eVolution as it is like nothing you have seen. It will save you time and money and offer features you may have never thought possible.

eVolution is a product that was built to be customized. No ready-made product on the market does exactly what you want and so eVolution provides revolutionary pre-built application features with integrations to customize it exactly how you want.

eVolution is patent-pending. The cloud-based web software works on any computer or mobile device, has a built in feature-library and app store, changes based on the role of the user, and much more.

See eVolution's Features Below:


  • Combines web & mobile
  • Role based functionality
  • Built-in app store
  • Works online and offline
  • GPS Integration & Tracking
  • Share data in a social way

software development company web applications and mobile applications

1. It's Both Web & Mobile (RWD)

eVolution uses a design technique that allows it to resize itself to fit any desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

The technology is called RWD or Responsive Web Design. eSavV has known that native mobile apps are cumbersome for many business tasks and new research shows customers prefer web apps over native apps.


  • Works on a desktop
  • Changes design automatically
  • Works on tablets
  • Works on smartphones

software development company web applications and mobile applications

2. It's Role Based

Each person in your organization has a role and eVolution changes its design automatically based on the person using it. When a user logs in, eVolution retrieves the features and data relevant to that user.

Not only does eVolution adapt on-the-fly for your staff, it also adapts to your customers. That's right, your customers can access the same software application as your staff, but with features relevant to them. Updates are shown in real-time.


  • Unique features based on role
  • Custom dashboards based on role
  • Assign authority levels by role
  • Assign temporary access to third-parties

software development company web applications and mobile applications

3. It Has a Feature Library & App Store

eVolution provides a revolutionary feature library and app store that allows you to organize your software features and functions as web apps.

Organize your application features in a library that works and looks like an app store. Each feature is represented as an app-like icon and can be launched as a desktop application or a mobile web app.


  • New way to organize your applications
  • Pluggable design for future extension
  • Functions work like web apps
  • Transition between desktop & mobile

software development company web applications and mobile applications

4. It Works Online & Offline

eVolution has the ability to work offline when a network connection may not be available.

If you are working in a remote location or on a plane, eVolution has an offline toggle mode to allow continued work for certain functions. When you regain network access, simply sync your changes with the Cloud.


  • Work without a network connection
  • Save offline data locally
  • Sync with the Cloud
  • Offline toggle mode

software development company web applications and mobile applications

5. It Has Built-In GPS

You can attach GPS tracking to specific roles and levels. Your managers, sales reps, drivers and technicians can subscribe to the GPS feature to allow tracking.

By enabling GPS, remote staff can get directions and notify management of their location for efficient scheduling, ETA and operational reporting for time to complete tasks.


  • Notification of remote staff's location
  • Track vendors and suppliers
  • Provide accurate directions
  • Give customers an ETA

software development company web applications and mobile applications

6. Share Anything

eMail is slow, inefficient and redundant. eVolution allows you to simply drag-n-drop files, reports and other information to your peers, managers and partners.

There is no need to copy and paste files to attach to an email, which leads to duplication and out-of-date information. eVolution's sharing feature sends a reference of the file to the receiver, ensuring accurate data and speedy delivery and the ability to track the file.


  • No duplication via email attachments
  • Ability to track files shared
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Expedite information delivery