Innovative Enterprise Software Solution Offers Insurance Companies Faster Time to Market and a Competitive Advantage

Insurance software that is ready-made, inexpensive, and does exactly what you want it to do is unheard of. The trifecta is likely not out there, unless you want to plan to operate in the same way and offer the same Continue reading

Revolutionary Leadership Education Software Brings Columbia Business School’s GLeaM Initiative to Life

eSavV is proud to have supplied the new technology that made GLeaM, the latest initiative by Columbia Business School, possible. GLeaM, which stands for Global Leadership Matrix, addresses leadership challenges faced by individuals and organizations through the use of web Continue reading

New Facebook Study Confirms What Software Development Companies Already Knew: Modern Businesses Need RWD

eSavV has always known that RWD (responsive web design) is a necessary step companies must take if they want to compete in today’s digital age, and a study released earlier this month by Facebook has only provided further support for Continue reading