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The custom software's app library is shown in the background, and in the foreground is the app library on a smartphone screen coming out of a brown box.

About Us

eSavV was founded in 2009 and has earned incredible growth with a simple concept - build revolutionary business software. As a new market option, we have invented patent pending software and built custom solutions for some of the world's most respected organizations. Our software has been featured in news publications, business magazines, technical conferences, TEDx, the World Economic Forum and other press and venues.

Our Mission

Using lean methods and cutting-edge techniques, we challenge the status quo by building smarter tools for real people in real-world business. As an incubator for creative ideas and new ways of thinking, our mission is to match the right solutions with the right clients.

Volute's API is shown by a circle in the center, which represents Volute, surrounded by three circles for ERP, POS, and MES systems that connect to it.
The custom software platform is shown as an app libary and how it would look on a smartphone.

Our Latest Creation

Our latest product, Volute™, is the first-of-its-kind, custom software platform that turns business functions into web apps and organizes them in a customizable app library. From your app library you can view your data in 3D containers called widgets, which are mobile, shareable, and can work offline. Volute™ can be used by your staff, vendors, and customers, from any desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

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